Baby Sound Monitors – Choosing The Right One

Parenthood is a sweet part of life. Even though it is pleasurable to hold your little one in your arms, you can’t afford to do that all day long till he/she grows up. This is why baby monitors have become such a popular product. However, choosing the right one can be difficult, as there are so many of them available.

Various types of baby monitors are available. Baby video monitors are common nowadays with the improvement in technology and people being able to afford more. However, audio monitors can be very useful as well. Movement or breathing monitors, which detect any abnormal breathing pattern or movements and alert parents (these types of baby monitors are instrumental in the prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)), are also available. Of the above types of video monitors, sound monitors are still preferred because they are safe, reliable and last longer.

If you plan on buying a baby audio monitor, then there are various features that you should consider before buying a baby monitor.

1)Adjustable sensitivity:

Make sure that the sensitivity can be adjusted as required. In the beginning days, when your baby has not begun to crawl, it is advisable to have high sensitivity. Later on, when he/she begins to grow, you may need to reduce the sensitivity.


It is important to choose a monitor that has least interference with other devices. Otherwise, it is highly possible that you may end up hearing some stray radio programs and static instead of your baby’s voice.

3)Number of channels of operation:

The higher the number of channels, the better. If there are more channels, you can choose some other channel for your baby monitor, even if there are other devices operating at the same frequency.


Decide on a range that is suitable for you. Going for a longer range may sometimes lead to more interference.

5)Number of receivers:

It may be a good idea to go for a baby monitor with more number of receivers, if you and your spouse need a receiver each to monitor your baby.

There is no definite formula when it comes to choosing a baby monitor. However, the knowledge of the above-mentioned features of baby sound monitors will help you choose a baby monitor that better suits your needs.

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